Reformation 2017

The Reformation 2017 Lutheran Art Invitational celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, at the YFAC Gallery at Bethany Lutheran College. 

(c) Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato MN

Participating artists: Nathan Beilke, Anna Biedenbender, Jeff Bukowski, William Bukowski, Paul Burmeister, Charis Carmichael Braun, Jesse Cordes, Kristen Gjerdstet, Annette Hartzel, Lance Hartzel, Jason Jaspersen, Chad Lindemann, Karyn Lukasek, Ben Lundsten, Jim Matson, Jonathan Mayer, Don Moldstad, Eric Ouren, Andy Overn, Kurt Shrader, Erik Soule, Joey Steinbach, Paul Trapp, Alicia Ulm, Missy Vandermause, Anne Wendland, Malia Wiley, Denice Woller

Participating writers: Paul Burmeister, Tim Schmeling, Luke Ulrich

Pigments, Pixels, Process

I am pleased to have written an article about my process, which was published in the November-December 2017 Artists on Art, an online magazine branching out of Fine Art Connoisseur. It was eye-opening for me to put my process into words. Delighted with the pleasant welcome from curatorial director Andrew Webster and editorial guidance from Clint Sherwood, I'm especially excited to be among friends in this issue's pages:

  • Lauren Amalia Redding: "Sacred Harbors: Egg Tempera and Metalpoint in This Contemporary Age"
  • Elena Rodriguez: "The Arts After Harvey"
  • Diana Corvelle: "Art in the New Political Age: Part 1"

If you're already subscribed to Artists on Art, clicking the image will take you directly to my article. I hope you enjoy the issue! 

originally published:


Carmichael Braun, Charis. "Pigments, Pixels, Process." Artists on Art. Artists on Art Publications, Streamline Publications, Issue 26: November-December 2017. Web. 8 November 2017. <>.

Reformation 2017

 Installation view in the gallery at the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center.&nbsp;

Installation view in the gallery at the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center. 

Lutheran Art Invitational

For the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the Bethany Lutheran College Art Department invited 26 artists, two filmmakers and three writers to celebrate with works of paintings, prints, drawings, photography, ceramics, video and writings. Some of the artists are faculty members at Bethany Lutheran College, Wisconsin Lutheran College, or Martin Luther College. The other artists are alumni from these schools.

This exhibition is on display in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota, from October 1 until November 22, 2017. A gallery talk on “Luther, Vocation and the Arts” is scheduled for October 26, at 7:00 pm.

Participating artists: Nathan Beilke, Anna Biedenbender, Jeff Bukowski, William Bukowski, Paul Burmeister, Charis Carmichael Braun, Jesse Cordes, Kristen Gjerdstet, Annette Hartzel, Lance Hartzel, Jason Jaspersen, Chad Lindemann, Karyn Lukasek, Ben Lundsten, Jim Matson, Jonathan Mayer, Don Moldstad, Eric Ouren, Andy Overn, Kurt Shrader, Erik Soule, Joey Steinbach, Paul Trapp, Alicia Ulm, Missy Vandermause, Anne Wendland, Malia Wiley, Denice Woller; with participating writers: Paul Burmeister, Tim Schmeling, Luke Ulrich.

Reformation Reformed

This invitational exhibition at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN celebrates the 500th anniversary of Luther’s Reformation, on display Oct. 19 through Nov. 15, 2017 at the Concordia Gallery. Curator Keith J. Williams explains, "Martin Luther saw issues in his church and chose to try to reform the institution with an earnest intent to help foster a new relationship to spirituality among the people. Concordia University’s Reformation Reformed invitational exhibition asks Lutheran artists to envision works of art that creatively project forward the concept of ongoing 'reformation' into an unknown future."
Concordia Art Center at 1301 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul, MN   (Frontispiece: Junker Jörg, 1521, Intaglio, Diego Lasansky,(2015)

PALETTE at Abend Gallery

June 15th - July 8th, 2017    ■    Opening Reception: June 15th, 6-9pm    ■   1412 Wazee Street, Denver, CO 80202    ■   Curated by Dina Brodsky & Trek Lexington


Participating Artists: Liz Adams-Jones, James Adelman, Erin Anderson, Steven Assael, Daniel Bilodeau, Luis Borrero, Maya Brodsky, Charis Carmichael Braun, Zach Brown, Sue Bryan, Garrett Cook, April Coppini, Diana Corvelle, Benjamin Craig, Cara DeAngelis, Dimitri Desiron, Michelle Doll, Daniel Doubrovkine, Heidi Elbers, Christian Fagerlund, Shauna Finn, Julien Gardair, Nick Gebhart, Jennifer Gennari, Alonsa Guevara, Andrew Haines, Eben Haines, Joshua Henderson, F Scott Hess, Rafael Hoekstra, Caitlin Hurd, Kieran Ingram, John Jacobsmeyer, Yunsung Jang, Marshall Jones, Kit King, Evan Kitson, Brandy Kraft, Maria Kreyn, James Kroner, Shawn Krueger, Andrew Lenaghan, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Tim Lowly, Daniel Maidman, Brian Mashburn, Adam McGalliard, Anna Mogilevsky, Tun Myaing, Jessica Pisano, Kim Power, James Raczkowski, Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, Matt Rota, Nicolas Sanchez, Denis Sarazhin, Raphael Sassi, Victoria Selbach, Josh Suda, Maria Teicher, Mark Trujillo, Emilio Villalba, Melanie Vote, John Wellington, John Wentz, Timothy Wilson, Zane York, Miles Yoshida


No Net Ensnares Me

To create art is also an act in self-sufficiency, intelligence, and courage ... and the eleven women artists in No Net Ensnares Me assert their own independent wills to make. Fastidious technical knowledge, exploration of materials, and emphasis on craft and skill demonstrate that these artists, and their artworks, speak in a voice as clear as Jane’s.

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Nasty Women Exhibition

I am pleased to be included in the Nasty Women RI Exhibition hosted by Hera Gallery in Wakefield, Rhode Island. The "seminal" Nasty Women Exhibition which originated in Queens NY was started Roxanne Jackson and Jessamyn Fiore as a "group exhibition that serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights."  

The Nasty Women RI Exhibition is also a fundraiser to benefit Madre, an organization that helps women all around the globe fight for their rights. The Nasty Women RI curatorial & support team at Hera Gallery includes Andrea Sepe, Jackie Lemmon, Nycole Matthews,  Mara Trachtenberg, and Sharlene Santos.

Point of Origin


Point of Origin

10/27/2016 08:04 pm ET

Daniel Maidman
artist and novelist

I recently had an experience with a themed art show that turned out shockingly well. This was “Point of Origin,” curated by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington, and exhibited at The Lodge Gallery, on the Lower East Side. I’ve written about all these entities before, except for the mysterious Mr. Lexington. They’re all fixtures of the part of the New York art scene I’m involved in.

Brodsky and Lexington are phenomenal curators, and much appreciated for it - Lexington’s Instagram (@treklexington) was up to 172k followers last time I checked. So their invitations for this show went out, and I was fortunate enough to make the cut. The theme for the show was artwork painted on palettes. This is a pretty clever idea, because painters have an intimate and tactile relationship with their palettes. All painters have a different take on the palette - on its ideal shape, color, and placement, on what it should be made of, on the arrangement and amount of paint on it, on where and how to mix the paint. I myself am lazy as hell, and don’t like to clean palettes, so I use disposable wax paper palette pads. One upside of my arrangement is that if I like how a particular group of colors turned out, I can use a sharpie to label each color on the palette and save it. I have a library of such sheets.

For the show, though, I went out and bought a proper wood palette. In fact, it was an unusual enough format for a painting that virtually everybody was going to have to make a new painting for the show - they wouldn’t just happen to have something relevant lying around the studio. I looked at the artist list. It included a good fraction of the most talented and creative representational painters I know. It’s not a huge world. Although many of us haven’t met in person, we all know and admire one another’s work. These two features, that new work would be required, and that the field was full of excellent painters, resulted in the quality of the show. How? I think because we all got really competitive. Not to “win,” but simply to earn our spot amongst such peers. I know I immediately began trying to think of ways to do something better than I’d done before. I suspect others did too, in a virtuous cycle that resulted in the 50+ pieces presented.

Jason Patrick Voegele and Keith Schweitzer, whose project The Lodge Gallery is, hung it beautifully, and if you’re in town, you should go see the show; it’s up until November 13th. I’m proud to be included in it. A selection of pieces is included in the slideshow below. They all look better in person. They look like jewels. Go, go, go. Thank you to Brodsky and Lexington for honoring me with inclusion, to Voegele and Schweitzer for showing the work, and to the other painters for inspiring me to do better. I think this is how it should work.

Point of Origin
curated by Dina Brodsky & Trek Lexington
until November 13th, 2016
The Lodge Gallery
131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002

Sing For Hope Piano "Ribbon Cutting"

To use a musical phrase, this "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" was the elision* to the largest public art program in New York City: Each and every one of the 50 Sing for Hope Pianos has been permanently homed in an NYC public school after their musical sojourn through the City's parks and public spaces. These pianos will now go on to have a new and resounding life supporting kids who love to learn music.  

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Small Matters of Great Importance: PAPER+ART

I'm pleased to have 3 pieces of artwork included in the Edward Hopper House's Annual Juried Small Works Show. The theme of this year's juried show is artworks on and works of paper. The exhibition was juried by Michelle Donnelly, Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Exhibition on view: November 19, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Selected Artists: 
Roeya Amigh, Susan Barrett, Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Sophie Tusler Byerley, Susan Capizzi, Charis Carmichael Braun, Jane Chernack, Marian Christy, Jane Cowles, Chris Ekstrom, Catherine Graham, Colleen Ho, Saralee Howard, Shabnam K.Ghazi, Carol Kazwick, Carole P. Kunstadt, Loo Lin, Gwenn Mayers, Trina Merry, Kathleen Mooney, Gabrielle Moss, Lydia Musco, Kristin Pesola, Peter Schachter, Omer Shalev, Barbara Simonson, Marilyn Szabo, Amy Tingle

1st Annual Portrait Show - Jo Hay Open Studio

I'm pleased to be participating in the 1st Annual Portrait Show at the Jo Hay Open Studio gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. With merit awards juried by distinguished painter Anne Packard, Jo Hay Open Studio is donating 25% of all sales to the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, whose mission is to understand and protect our coastal environment and marine ecosystems. 

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7, 6-9pm at 167 Commercial Street, Provincetown MA.

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