Broadly speaking, this series explores concepts about conquering and persevering, ambition and decay, dominion and desire. Through my perception of ideal masculinity viewed through art history and product advertising, males are often pictured as the adventurer or conqueror pursuing mankind's mission is to "subdue the earth." [1], [2], [3][9] As the "traditional" male role of hunter/builder moves out of the garage [4] and into the skyscraper [5], I see contemporary culture attempting to stage a play of masculinity [6][7][8] using hyper-gendered "costuming." Obliquely referencing Greco-Roman, Neoclassical (Géricault) and German Expressionist (Kokoschka) touch points, my "Dämmerung" series repositions the male nude in nature with undertones of inhibited growth mixed with cocksure quietude.

But with respect to personal experiences, this series gives form to some thoughts about a male's tenacious relationship with his environment. I stage my own husband - a woodworker - in our backyard.  Stripped of tools, protections, his gaze locking into something outside the border of the image; the landscape is wild, lively, and shattered, out of focus. The figure is both introverted, as well as integrated into his surroundings. In this way, my paintings draw attention to what I feel is a problematic set up when one is expected to fulfill a predetermined ambition, even if the consequences may destroy more than they edify.

Contrasting with the implied entropy in the paintings, this series is actually building what I consider my main focus as a painter.  Resipisco contains the first marks that I am proud to call my own hand. 

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