Pigments, Pixels, Process

I am pleased to have written an article about my process, which was published in the November-December 2017 Artists on Art, an online magazine branching out of Fine Art Connoisseur. It was eye-opening for me to put my process into words. Delighted with the pleasant welcome from curatorial director Andrew Webster and editorial guidance from Clint Sherwood, I'm especially excited to be among friends in this issue's pages:

  • Lauren Amalia Redding: "Sacred Harbors: Egg Tempera and Metalpoint in This Contemporary Age"
  • Elena Rodriguez: "The Arts After Harvey"
  • Diana Corvelle: "Art in the New Political Age: Part 1"

If you're already subscribed to Artists on Art, clicking the image will take you directly to my article. I hope you enjoy the issue! 

originally published: http://www.artists-on-art.com/magazine-article/pigments-pixels-process/


Carmichael Braun, Charis. "Pigments, Pixels, Process." Artists on Art. Artists on Art Publications, Streamline Publications, Issue 26: November-December 2017. Web. 8 November 2017. <http://www.artists-on-art.com/magazine/26novdec17/>.