The Figure Contemporary

I'm honored to be included in a national juried exhibition, "The Figure Contemporary" at the Santa Cruz Art League in California. This exhibition was juried by Noah Buchanan, whose work I particularly respect and enjoy.

Noah states, "My interest in curating this show was primarily in demonstrating how alive and healthy is the state of The Figure in contemporary art; not only regionally, but nationally. The Figure, as subject matter, goes back to the primal infancy of Art, and is the most compelling of all subject matters. That has not changed today, and artists from New York City to Santa Cruz, CA feel called to the challenge. Not only is The Figure the most intriguing topic for an artist, it is also the least forgiving to depict. Every person alive has a DNA driven message telling us when the artist's vision of the figure is right or wrong, heroic or weak, awkward or elegant. By its very nature, The Figure is the most powerful tool that an artist has to communicate the rich symphony that is the human condition; it will never fail to engage an empathic response in the viewer." 

I am proud to be included in this show along with colleagues Diana Corvelle, Daniel Maidman, Lauren Redding, Hilary Robin McCarthy, and Amber Lia-Kloppel. See all the included work in this exhibition.