June 12, 2015

To the editor:

Your most able reporter, Kremena Spengler, has done excellent work in her report on Christine's accomplishments and her courage in the face of her physical disabilities. So there is not much that I can add to her concise account, and yet I must add my own small narrative.

Christine and I were fellow artists. She in her chosen field, different from mine, but we often shared the same thoughts of artistic expression. We were not close friends, but surely friends at heart. So I feel that I can say of her, that we have lost not only her wonderful talent but also a kind and compassionate woman who took time to visit others who were struggling with physical pain and ongoing diseases. She set an example for all who knew her. She was a beautiful human being in the true sense, for her love of others and her evident joy when planning a project shone way beyond any disability of body.

I only hope that I can be the true artist that she was, and learn to be kind and humble knowing as she did that our talents are wonderful gifts from our Creator. Knowing this truth, Christine gave many hours of her time to benefit our community, and shared her loving heart with many who knew her. I know that she will Rest in Peace in the Green Pastures of her Lord's Heaven.

Ruth Lindemann, New Ulm

This article first appeared on the New Ulm Journal's website and print edition:
Lindemann, Ruth. Remembering Christine Carmichael." The Journal. 12 June 2015: Web. 15 August 2015.