Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down - Athena Award

May 3, 2008

Athena Award

THUMBS UP: It was inspiring to see the respect and regard attendees at the 2008 New Ulm Athena Award banquet had for this year’s recipient, Christine Carmichael. And when Carmichael took the podium and spoke, it was easy to see where that respect and regard came from. Carmichael’s accomplishments as a professional designer and an advocate of historic restoration speak for themselves. What came through in Carmichael’s comments were the joy and passion she takes in her work, and the joy and passion she has for life. She is truly an inspiring addition to the long list of remarkable women who have received this award in New Ulm.

This article first appeared on the New Ulm Journal's website and print edition:
Sweeney, Kevin. "Thumbs Up Thumbs Down." The Journal. 3 May 2008: Web. 15 August 2015.