Metrocard Mosaic


Alumna helps coordinate work of art from transit tickets that celebrates faith, community, and life
By Lance Schwartz
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Bethany alumna Charis Carmichael Braun lives in New York City and is an artist and administrator at a New York art college. She was involved with a unique creation of artwork at Sure Foundation Lutheran Church (SFLC) in New York City where she and her husband Andrew ('99) are members. Braun shared with us how the creation of a mosaic artwork has been a unique celebration of the faith, community, and life of her church. The mosaic was installed in conjunction with Sure Foundation's 10th Anniversary in October 2010.

Partnering with musician Jonathon Roberts, SFLC's Leadership Team. and Pastors Dan Olson and Tim Bourman, this extraordinary mosaic is a celebration of faith in Christ within the diversity of their community. The process for the creation of the artwork was designed to offer an opportunity for everyone to participate. 

The mosaic “tiles” are made from Metrocards, New York City’s ubiquitous transit ticket used on subways and buses in the greater New York area. After collecting used tickets, they were each turned into an individual work of art.

The project has strengthened their membership, reached out to their neighbors. and generated excitement about art in their church. Even friends and family a bit further afield from SFLC‘s NYC home even had a chance to create a mini-masterpiece, sending the transit tickets on their own round-trip across the US. and the world. Braun noted that special thanks goes to Bethany's own Bill Bukowski, Jason Jaspersen. Laura Braun, Stephanie Barenz, Ruth Wels. Rebekka Mantegna, ]onathan Mayer, Heather Carmichael. Aud Welde Trohaug, Raelene Miller Kovaciny, Matt Meilner, Nicole Zahn Becker. Jon Loging, Crystal Lonnquist and Rev. Don Moldstad, who all contributed tiles to the artwork. So next time you‘re planning a trip to NYC, stop by Sure Foundation and see this special work of art. 

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