Ten Memorable Paintings from 2015

This year over 400 artists responded to my call for work, making the process of choosing ten paintings especially challenging and exciting. I would like to publicly thank all of the artists who sent work for me to look at: it was humbling to see how much great painting is happening out there.

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How to Make the Most Out of an Artist Residency

First-time artists-in-residence may unconsciously load all their eggs into one basket, expecting their experience will be The Solution needed Right Now (also assuming it to be Once-In-A-Lifetime). However, that kind of thinking strangles the creativity anticipated to blossom. Give yourself the tools—resilience, commitment, honesty—to be aware of your environment, inside and out, and to adjust when things develop in a way you haven’t expected.

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Why Should an Artist Seek Out a Residency?

The concept artist residency is synonymous with “space and time.” Residencies are founded on the belief that at some point during an artist’s career she or he may have neither the desired space nor required time to create. While every artist might agree that there are not enough hours in the day to do his or her work, whether full-time or stealing moments, there are more reasons to take advantage of a residency besides simply seizing time and space.

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Juror Award - Representational Art in the 21st Century

I am so pleased to announce that my work, "Andrew in the Woodpile (Daemmerung)" has been selected as a Juror Award by the curator James Lancel McElhinney in the Representational Art in the 21st Century exhibition at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

McElhinney selected "artists charting new territories, expanding the representational canon through the process of observation" and I am honored that my painting was recognized as such among the outstanding artists selected for the exhibition which included colleagues Diana Corvelle and Noah Buchanan. See the entire exhibition.

Human Brevity

In the age of instantaneous messaging, constant updates on news feeds, disposable anything and everything, lives broken down into shorter and shorter segments, catering to our waning attention spans – the works in Human Brevity question whether the soul or the internet is the path to immortality. 

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People's Choice Award

“Study for ‘Creation' is a color study [or a series of images interpreting Christian doctrines as seen through a Lutheran perspective,” says artist Charis Carmichael Braun, the People’s Choice Winner. 

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