Earth Impermanence

I am thrilled to be included in a group show curated by my friend Elena McCabe, and Union Arts Center's Timothy Miller, EARTH Impermanence. This timely exhibition explores what it means to endure in this age of climate change and social unrest. 

Seen through a feminine lens, climate and culture change, cohabitation, dominance, sacredness of place and perception are re-examined. The ensuing dialogue between these artists works encompasses the tension perched between permanent and impermanent. 

This exhibit began as a part of a collaboration between British artist and curator Zsuzsanna Ardó and Pakistani painter Heraa Khan while they were artists in residence at Vytlacil: investigating how they could continue their blossoming artistic relationship despite returning to their homes on different sides of the globe. Their respective works speak both about their physical and psychological environments, as well as timeless roots and contemporary relevance through their crafts.

The exhibition then grew to combine local and New York City artists including illustrator Chloe Bulpin, painter Charis J. Carmichael Braun, metalsmith Elena McCabe, painter Angela Gram, painter Lisa Lebofsky, along with installation artist Roya Amigh (Iran/Baltimore), sculptor Char Norman (Ohio), and glass sculptor Natalie Tyler (California/Massachusetts).  

Through this exploration Union Arts Center reached out to Dr. Lucy Spelman, a zoologist-veterinarian, professor at RISD, and founder of the non-for-profit Creature Conserve. 

"Dr. Lucy" has been working with endangered species across the planet, not just as their doctor but as their ambassador.  Dr. Lucy will be doing a lecture followed by a panel discussion Sunday September 18th at 5pm, discussing with artists featured in the exhibit how “together, art and science reach a wider audience with a more inclusive message. Science provides the roadmap for conservation; art motivates people to follow it. ("  

This exhibit and event challenges social, behavioral, and global norms in ways that are beauteous while begging deeper self-analysis from the audience, even presenting steps forward. Artists using not just their own observations and intuition to create poignant and alluring works, but also scientific studies and new findings about our shared home.  This sensuous exploration through a myriad of materials, medias, and meditations lends voice to the subtle exuberance of Earth, Impermanence.

Join me for Opening Reception (Saturday September 3rd, 2-5pm) in Union Art Center’s revitalized firehouse space located at 2 Union Ave in Sparkill, New York.


My biggest painting to date (2016), although it may look a little smaller in this photo.