Sing For Hope Piano "Ribbon Cutting"

To use a musical phrase, this "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" was the elision* to the largest public art program in New York City: Each and every one of the 50 Sing for Hope Pianos has been permanently homed in an NYC public school after their musical sojourn through the City's parks and public spaces. These pianos will now go on to have a new and resounding life supporting kids who love to learn music.  

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Curator for Vytlacil's 2016 Summer Exhibition

Each artwork in this exhibition is a vehicle for a personal interpretation of some of the emotions - joy, conflict, struggle, hope, anxiety, passion, challenge - that I have experienced through my time as a full-time Caretaker of the residency program at Vytlacil. 

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Earth Impermanence

Seen through a feminine lens, climate and culture change, cohabitation, dominance, sacredness of place and perception are re-examined. The ensuing dialogue between these artists works encompasses the tension perched between permanent and impermanent.

On view through October 3, 2016. 

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Sing For Hope Piano Artist

Each year, Sing for Hope selects local and international artists to create individual piano artworks as a part of the largest public arts project in NYC.  I've been wanting to be a part of this public art project since its beginning, and I was thrilled to be have been chosen for it!‪ The design of my piano was in honor of my sister who died in June 2015.  

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Juror Award - Representational Art in the 21st Century

I am so pleased to announce that my work, "Andrew in the Woodpile (Daemmerung)" has been selected as a Juror Award by the curator James Lancel McElhinney in the Representational Art in the 21st Century exhibition at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

McElhinney selected "artists charting new territories, expanding the representational canon through the process of observation" and I am honored that my painting was recognized as such among the outstanding artists selected for the exhibition which included colleagues Diana Corvelle and Noah Buchanan. See the entire exhibition.

Human Brevity

In the age of instantaneous messaging, constant updates on news feeds, disposable anything and everything, lives broken down into shorter and shorter segments, catering to our waning attention spans – the works in Human Brevity question whether the soul or the internet is the path to immortality. 

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