Human Brevity

I am so pleased to be included in the exhibition, HUMAN BREVITY: Contemplating Longevity in a World of Internet Memes. Curated by Andrea Williams, Liz Misitano, and Elena Rodz, my painting "DAD’S HEART (AFTER THE SURGERY)" was included with participating artists Diana Corvelle, L.E. Doughtie, Benjamin Martins, Quentin McCaffrey, Michael Meadors, Liz Misitano, Kyrre Mogster, Elena Rodz, Rabecca Signorello, Andrea M. WIlliams, and Shawn Yu.

The exhibition was conceived to include artists who "ponder that which is temporary – money, youth, life – and that which is forever – memory, the soul.  
In the age of instantaneous messaging, constant updates on news feeds, disposable anything and everything, lives broken down into shorter and shorter segments, catering to our waning attention spans – the works in Human Brevity question whether the soul or the internet is the path to immortality. Technology races forward, leaving the monuments of industrialization to wither as ironic shrines to greatness."

September 6th - September 27th, 2014 at The Collective Art Tank, 529 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712