Lucid Visions at Panepinto Galleries


Often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream. 
– Aristotle, “On Dreams”

The territory between wakefulness and the dream-state is one widely traversed by artists.  Curators Diana CorvelleCara DeAngelis and Tun Myaing have collected the works of twenty-three New York Academy of Art alumni whose works challenge, unhinge and altogether shift perception of what should be called a “real” experience.
Lucid dreaming, a phenomenon in which an individual is aware of their own dream state enough to attempt control within it, is a cannily apt comparison to the creation of art.  Possessing the ability to give form to fleeting memories and semi-lucid moments, these artists call into question the very perception of reality at will and offer up alternatives of their own.
Bringing together local and international artists based in Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Manhattan these selected works speak to the endless possible deviations from reality as envisioned by an unfettered mind. The playfulness and confidence of these works show how completely at home the artists are in their alternate reality.